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Houston, TX


Craft Beer Cellar Houston is located in the old Southern Pacific Railroad building in downtown Houston. The building was built in 1914 and much of the outer wall of the store is in its original condition (we find a piece of history every so often, not too long ago we pulled a 1911 newspaper out of the wall).We've done our best to retain the older look of the store, while fixing it up.

People often recognize our space as the previous home of the Kitchen Incubator aka League of Extraordinary Brewers and one of the more interesting eviction stories you will hear (we won't get into details on that one, but we're sure Google can assist). We are the largest store in the Craft Beer Cellar franchise, we serve food, have 60 taps and an awesome retail store. We hope you'll join us sometime to pick out some great Texas (or elsewhere) beers!

I grew up in Houston out by 1960 and 290. Lived here until I was 12 when I moved to St. Louis. I went to college at Mizzou and then spent five years overseas in China before returning to Missouri to help open Craft Beer Cellar Columbia. Over the years I've been a server, cook, writer, business owner, poker blogger and consultant/teacher; but none of them have been as rewarding as being a Beervangelist.

While living in China, I was first introduced to craft beer when I grew tired of drinking Tsingtao beer out of plastic grocery bags from the local corner store. After beginning to learn a little bit about craft beer I was approached by some friends to start a Craft Beer Cellar in Missouri and I jumped at the chance.

After two great years, I decided I wanted to return to Houston and start a new Craft Beer Cellar in the heart of downtown. Most days you'll find me tooling around the store, with the help of my wife Mary, working on making our store the best it can be!